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Lake Harris Relicensing

Lake Harris Relicensing Website Contains all studies and information relevant to the project.

2021-04-12 Draft Downstream Release Alternatives Phase 2 Report.pdf

2020-06-04 HAT 1 and 5 Meeting Notes and Presentation.pdf

CANCELLED Harris Relicensing HAT-1 and HAT-5.pdfHarris Relicensing March 19 HAT-1 Update.pdf  Meeting online only 

Harris Relicensing March 19 HAT-5 Update.pdf  Meeting online only

2020-03-19 HAT Meeting Agenda.pdf  Contact Angie Anderegg, Alabama Power, Hydro Services Call  205 257-2251 or email to make your reservation or get information for the online Skype meeting.
2019 05 13 Harris Project Final Study Plans.pdf

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