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Lake Martin HOBO's advocate to keep Lake Martin area clean and safe for our families for generations to come.

Stay informed!  Watch this page as we bring you news of upcoming developments that are threatening to our homeowners.

Managing the Growth
of Tallapoosa County

The Lake Martin Home Owners and Boat Owners (Lake Martin HOBOs) want to inform our citizens in Tallapoosa County and all-around Lake Martin of the information we have discovered concerning managing the explosive growth in Tallapoosa County.  We are not experts in this area.  We are concerned property owners and citizens. 


Proposed Developments
 Sandy Creek Area

The Lake Martin HOBOs are concerned with some proposed developments in the Sandy Creek area (Sandy Creek, Point Cloxson and Smith Mountain inclusive). Although no county building permits have been issued as of this writing, clear evidence of planning and pre-sale offering of condominiums has surfaced. This proposed development of multi-family housing, in a single-family area, has led to concerns by the residents of Sandy Creek and others on Lake Martin.


Graphite mining wastewater reaches our lake

Lake Watch of Lake Martin President Eric Reutebuch gives a crash course on graphite mining and it's potential impact on Lake Martin.

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Bill Preventing Wake Surfing
Could Soon Become Law

A bill making it's way through the Alabama Legislature would regulate wake surfing


Watching area development with a vigilant eye

Lake Watch of Lake Martin  responds to concerns about the Kellyton, AL graphite processing plant under construction.


The Landing at stillwater

Non-Project Use of Project Lands and Waters Application

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