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2021 Annual Meeting 

HOBOS Annual Meeting
June 12, 2021
Red Ridge United Methodist Church

Steve Smith welcomed the members and challenged them to stay in contact with board members on issues.  He thanked the current board members: Jesse Cunningham.  Dave Heinzen. Judy Heinzen. Mike Dollar, Jim Robinson. Harry DeNegre, Jimmy Bagley, Wallace Jones, Jerry Purcell, Billy Haynes and Jim Clinton.  

Treasurer’s Report - Jim Robiinson reviewed the financial condition of the organization.

Election of officers - There were no nominations from the floor.  Elected by unanimous vote to serve on the 2021/2022 HOBO board are:  President - Harry DeNegre; 1st VP - Steve Smith; 2nd VP - Jesse Cunningham; Treasurer - Jim Robinson.  Board members -- Betsy Keown, Wallace Jones, Mitzy Hidding and Dave Heinzen.

Harry DeNegre introduced the speakers:

Mr. Roger Holliday, Vice President of Russell Lands -  Mr. Holliday described the environmental building practices for all Russell Lands projects and marinas.  Examples are bioflow sewage, previous road materials, wetlands and reforestation.

Mr Cary Whitard, Head Forester, Russell Lands - Mr. Whitard described the best forestry management practices across Russell Lands properties.  The goal is to improve the forest to improve the water in Lake Martin.

Mr. James Morgan, Lead Project Manager and Course Superintendent for the new golf course -- Mr. Morgan informed the group that Coore & Crenshaw Architects are planning the new golf course to minimize the impact to the land.  They are using environmentally friendly grasses to filter water, seeding to attract native pollinators, and fertilizers based on soil test recommendations.  Irrigation is calculated daily.

Mr. Ed Oliver, State Representative of the House District 81 - Mr. Oliver is concerned with the roads and services in his district.  He is very concerned about the intersections at State Highway 49 and State Highway 50, and also State Highway 49 and County Road 34.  The Boating Safety Bill proposed in 2020 failed.  Two issues were identified.  The 100 foot proximity is subjective.  BUI vs. DUI -- losing your driver’s license if charged with BUI.  He is working on a new bill to maximize use of the lake.  Mr. Oliver can be reached at 334 803-1889

Mr. Chad Gilliland, President of Towboat US Lake Martin -- Mr. Gilliland’s company. Backwater Marine & Salvage services regional areas for environmental work and salvaging wrecks.  They are licensed to serve Towboat US on Lake Martin.  Mr. Gilliland can be reached at 256 307-1313.

Mr. Adam MacLeod, Alabama State Liaison Officer, US Coast Guard Auxiliary -- Mr. MacLeod identified the first job of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary is recreational boating safety.  They offer training and vessel inspections.  Volunteers are needed to serve in the auxiliary on inland lakes.  Contact information:

Respectfully submitted.

Judy Heinzen. Secretary

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