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2022 Annual Meeting 

Saturday, June 11, 2022

First Baptist Church, Dadeville, AL

Recipe for a great meeting:

Five hundred active and enthusiastic members             
Fourteen active Board of Directors and their spouses             
One knowledgeable Master of Ceremony             
Two excellent Guest speakers             
One fantastic breakfast menu             
Lots of hard work

Saturday, June 11th at the First Baptist Church in Dadeville, the Lake Martin Home Owners and Boat Owners (HOBOs) held their annual breakfast meeting.  Nearly one hundred members showed up to enjoy a terrific breakfast, conduct elections of new board members and hold business discussions on issues around Lake Martin. 

HOBOs thanked our business sponsors for their support and encouraged our members to support these local businesses.  Please visit our website ( ) for a complete listing of our business sponsors

HOBOs held elections of our new board members for 2022 to 2024:  Wallace Jones, Judy Heinzen, Jerry Purcell, William Haynes, Ann Campbell, Bill Walker, Brad Copeland, Chris Searcy.

HOBOs thank each of these individuals for their service to our community.

Our two terrific guest speakers were:

Ed Oliver, State Representative District 81.  Ed spoke to our association about the explosion of housing on the lake and its effects on our lake community.  Please visit our website for additional information

Jason Moran, Director of Tallapoosa County EMA.  Jason discussed the Emergency Management office and its operation in Tallapoosa County.  Please visit our website for additional information

HOBOs thank both guest speakers for their informative presentations and for taking questions from our members.

Ann Campbell, one of our newly elected board members, spoke to our members concerning water quality in our lake.  More water monitors are needed.  If you are interested in performing these duties, please see the link on our website.

HOBOs thank Renfroe’s Market, Dadeville for providing the fantastic breakfast for our meeting.

HOBOs thank the First Baptist Church of Dadeville for use of their facility.

Lake Martin HOBOs is actively conducting a membership drive.  If you live near the lake or on the lake and have concerns about the lake, please consider joining our association.  If you own a boat and recreate on Lake Martin, please consider joining our association.  Membership is just $ 15.00 a year for individuals.  $ 25.00 a year for Families.  This includes a terrific meeting and breakfast every year.

Please become active and involved. 

Please visit our Website ( ) or Facebook page for more information. 

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