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2024 Annual Meeting 

Saturday, March 16, 2024

First Baptist Church, Dadeville, AL

Harry DeNegre welcomed the membership to the meeting. Billy Haynes had surgery on Monday. He is doing well, but the road to recovery is long and he will not be able to serve another term on the board of directors.. Special thanks to Bonnie DeNegre for her planning and organizing assistance. Harry recognized Ed Oliver, Alabama House Representative District 81 and gave a shout out to the Highway 34 Planning Commission for the clean up efforts. Thirty six bags of trash were removed.

Minutes of 2023 Annual Meeting - Judy Heinzen informed everyone that the minutes have been approved by the HOBO board and posted on the website. The minutes were approved by acclamation.

Financial Report - Jim Robinson reviewed the financial report for the period ending March 11, 2024 as well as the forecast for the period ending March 11, 2025.

2023 - 2024 Board - Harry thanked the current board and asked all board members to stand - Harry DeNegre, Mitzy Hidding, Jesse Cunningham, Jim Robinson, Ann Campbell, Dave Heinzen, Bill Walker, Betsy Keown, Judy Heinzen, Brad Copeland, Chris Searcy, Jerry Purcell and Billy Haynes.

Election of the 2024 - 2025 Board - Special circumstances this year - Wallace Jones resigned the position of President. Harry DeNegre moved to President. Mitzy Hidding offered to be co-president with Harry until March 2025. The board approved her move to 1st Vice President. By acclamation, the membership approved this change.

Billy Haynes name has been removed from the slate of directors. The position of Secretary is vacant, Judy Heinzen has served as Secretary for 15 years. It is time for a new person. Judy Heinzen is on the slate of directors and will continue to support the Secretary position until it is filled. We are also looking for two more directors. We need new people to support the goals and activities of the HOBOs.

There were no nominations from the floor. Elected by acclamation were: Judy Heinzen, Jerry Purcell, Ann Campbell, Bill Walker, Brad Copeland, Chris Searcy and Jaime Sailors.


● Thank you to the new HOBO members who came today. We hold our board meetings every two months on the first Monday of the Month. All are invited to join us. Our next meeting is May 13, 2024. We will send an email to you about a week before the meeting.

● We encourage Business Memberships and Gift Memberships. Both are available on the website.

● The Boating Safety Class will be held on Saturday, April 20, 2024. Details will be announced soon.

● HOBOs will be sponsoring a booth at the Dadeville Fall Festival in October.

● HOBO Committees - there are sign up sheets on each of the tables. Please consider helping the board

● Zoning for Tallapoosa County is the next big issue facing us.

SPEAKER Ed Oliver, Alabama House Representative District 81

Ed told us that his family home is located in an area where all his cousins decided to sell to a developer. The area has changed a lot since then. There are three counties in Alabama that have permission from the state to do local zoning. He supports Tallapoosa County zoning and noted that a Tallapoosa County Commissioner is interested in funding a regional plan for Tallapoosa county.

House Bill 209 - 2024 - This is the Proximity bill that would add Lake Martin to existing law

● Prohibiting wakeboarding and wakesurfing boats stay 200 feet away from shore or structures

● Prohibiting motor boats operating above idle speed stay 100 free away from shore or structures It is expected that this bill will pass.

House Bill 208 - 2024 - The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) requested modifications to make it easier to measure and enforce.the law.

● Increase the maximum length from 30 ft 6” to 39 ft 11”

● Cannot measure a boat from bow to transom in the water

● Want to use manufacturer’s certificate of origin to verify length

Questions and discussion

● Enforce current standard, don’t increase 10 feet

● Ocean going yachts and cruisers don’t belong on Lake Martin

● Safety was the issue when the lawsuit was filed to limit boat size on Lake Martin in 2006. It is worse now with wakeboard and wake surfing boats.

● Will there be any increase in enforcement officers on Lake Martin?

Ed Oliver told HOBOs that he would stop this bill from moving forward in the legislature and consult with HOBOs and other groups. His contact information is:  Phone - 334-261-0471; Email -

Picture Gallery:  Scroll down to see photos from the Annual Meeting.

Lake Martin HOBOs is actively conducting a membership drive.  If you live near the lake or on the lake and have concerns about the lake, please consider joining our association.  If you own a boat and recreate on Lake Martin, please consider joining our association.  Membership is just $ 15.00 a year for individuals.  $ 25.00 a year for Families.  This includes a terrific meeting and breakfast every year.

Please become active and involved. 

Lake Martin HOBOs Board of Directors

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