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Sandy Creek area proposed developments

The Lake Martin HOBOs are concerned with some proposed developments in the Sandy Creek area (Sandy Creek, Point Cloxson and Smith Mountain inclusive). Although no county building permits have been issued as of this writing, clear evidence of planning and pre-sale offering of condominiums has surfaced. This proposed development of multi-family housing, in a single-family area, has led to concerns by the residents of Sandy Creek and others on Lake Martin.

A Homeowners Association (HOA), has been formed for this area. The “HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION OF LAKE MARTIN, SANDY CREEK AREA, INC.” has developed a board of directors and is soliciting homeowners and affiliates to join. This week the HOA will be sending a letter and information to homeowners. HOBOs encourage the residents of the Sandy Creek area and all HOBOs to affiliate with this HOA to let your voice be heard.

The main purposes of this HOA are:

1) Enforcement of applicable subdivision restrictions (covenants), building restrictions, deed restrictions and easements.

2) To urge the development and enforcement of applicable federal, state and county regulations and best practices

3) Represent homeowners in existing single-family neighborhoods who choose to restrict development of multi-family and commercial developments in their neighborhood

4) To advocate for the recognition of proposed “Conservation Areas” in proximity to existing single-family neighborhoods.

Please consider joining this HOA to preserve Lake Martin as a family-friendly environment. If you want to join or have questions you can contact the group by email

And if you are not a member of HOBOs, please consider joining this group. You can find information at and join on-line. We will also have a booth at the Dadeville Fall Festival on October 7. Please drop by and say hello.

Wallace Jones, President

Lake Martin HOBOs


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