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HOBO donation to be used on new marine patrol boat

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Marine Patrol Division received a new boat late in the summer to patrol the waters of Lake Martin.  Now those patrols will be much safer due to a donation of a radar and compass unit from the Lake Martin Homeowners and Boat Owners Association (HOBOs).

ALEA’s Charles Ward noted law enforcement needs partnerships like this to be effective. “This is a great day,” Ward said. “This partnership is great. Us in law enforcement realized a long time ago that we can’t do this by ourselves. It takes the partnership of all the state, county, city and federal law enforcement. But it also takes the partnerships with civilians.

Ward noted the partnership with the HOBOs is the reason for celebration Thursday.  “That is the reason why we are here,” Ward explained. “It is the Homeowners and Boat Owners Association purchasing equipment that we can use to work more efficient.”

ALEA Marine Patrol Chief Steve Thompson is thankful of the donation and partnership as well.  “This generous gift will prove valuable to our new patrol vessel on Lake Martin,” Thompson said. “Your continued support is very much appreciated. It show your association’s concern for boating safety and the people who boat on Lake Martin. I thank you for your generous donation.”

Thompson explained why the radar and compass unit is so valuable.  “Lake Martin is a large lake,” Thompson said. “We have radar and compass units on our vessels along the coastline but not inland. It (Lake Martin) is a large lake and continues to grow with people building homes and weekends are becoming more and more congested. Our job is to make sure everyone has fun and goes home safely to their loved one. This radar unit will allow us to navigate more safely and quickly at night and inclement weather conditions. I am extremely excited about this. It is a fantastic donation.”

HOBO board member Gene Cody was thankful of the efforts of law enforcement.  “We thank you all so much for what you do,” Cody said.  In addition to thank the HOBOs, law enforcement officials thanked local volunteer rescue squads like Alex City Search and Rescue Squad, the Lake Martin Search and Rescue Squad and the Tallaco K-9 Search and Rescue Squad.

“They perform an invaluable service,” Thompson said. “When we get the call for an accident or natural disaster, we need our counterparts in these organizations. They are invaluable. They are true partners in our job on these waterways. We couldn’t do our job without them.”

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Published on November 17, 2017

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