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This article appeared in the September 2021 issue of Lake Magazine


A few months ago, I was elected the new president of Lake Martin HOBOs.  After the election, a friend and I engaged in an interesting conversation about two subjects – Change and what is a HOBO?

The first subject is a larger philosophical one, of which I am probably not smart enough to comment on without bringing the parameters into the more reasonable scope, addressing just Change on Lake Martin. 

I am a Florida transplant to Lake Martin by way of Atlanta, but I have been here since August of 1990.  So, I do have some knowledge and expertise about change on Lake Martin.  At least since that time period and from a part timer’s and now a full timer’s point of view. 

Some of the change has been good, and some of the change not so good depending on your point of view.  During our conversation, my friend and I didn’t totally agree on whether all of the changes were good or not, but we did agree that change had occurred and would continue to occur.  Some want no change to occur.  For everything to remain “as is” forever.  Others embrace change as progress.  Depends on your point of view.

I have come to know regardless of your point of view or your wishes, Lake Martin is changing and will continue to do so.  The question becomes how do we influence the changes to ensure our beautiful Lake remains a Treasure to future generations.  How as individuals, can we influence the powerful forces at work around the Lake to ensure our voices and concerns are taken into consideration?  How do we engage the businesses around the lake to keep this powerful economic engine of Lake Martin as a vibrant source of economic activity without sacrificing the Lake to unchecked and unhealthy growth?

This leads me back to the conversation with my friend. My friend asked me “What is a HOBO?”.   I thought about it for a minute.  Seemed a pretty simple question with a pretty simple answer.  I stated that HOBO is an acronym for “Homeowners and Boatowners”.  My friend quickly stated he knew that, but he didn’t know what a HOBO did or why he should join or care.  I was being called to task.

Again, I went for the straightforward and simple answer.  I stated, “Lake Martin HOBOs work to preserve and protect Lake Martin for future generations”.  I felt pretty good I already knew the Association’s motto.  Again, my friend pushed for more information.  This is when the conversation started becoming more interesting and involved. 

We started discussing some of the issues facing our Lake such as:

              Water quality with the upriver pollution from chicken farms and other agricultural enterprises

              Off Lake Development wanting multi-boat dock usage and storage

              Boating safety and Wake boat usage affecting our shorelines and seawalls

              Lake Level regulations

My friend said he knew about some of these but was uninformed about how these may affect him and where he is located on the lake.  I told him these were just some of the issues the HOBOs are involved in. 

We also discussed an issue he had with the rules of the Lake changing without his knowledge or input.  He asked, “How is an individual homeowner supposed to know the changes or influence the changes?”

My friend unknowingly opened the door for my soapbox speech.

“Lake Martin HOBOs Association is an advocate for all Homeowners and Boatowners on Lake Martin.  They are our only customers. Our members’ concerns and issues are the ones we try to address and influence around the Lake. 

HOBOs work with other organizations and associations around the Lake.  We work with and support Lake Watch, LMRA and other local organizations around the lake.  We are members of both the Alexander City Chamber of Commerce and the Dadeville Chamber of Commerce.

Beginning in September, HOBO board members will attend the county commission meetings of Tallapoosa and Elmore counties.  HOBOs monitor filings with FERC and communicates with Alabama Power on lake regulations.  Our Board of Directors work to keep you informed about what is going on with Lake Martin.  We encourage our members to get engaged in the community.   

HOBOs work with lake community neighborhoods to establish Neighborhood Watch groups in their neighborhoods.  If your neighborhood has interest in establishing a watch group, contact us and allow us to assist you.”

I will get off my soapbox.  That covers our mission and efforts.  You can help Lake Martin HOBOs fulfill our mission.  You can help us influence and guide the future of Lake Martin.  You can join through our website, www.LakeMartinHobos.  HOBOs want our membership to be informed, engaged and ready to preserve and protect our beautiful Lake. 

Individual membership is $15.00 annually. Family membership is $25.00 annually

You can visit our Facebook page, Lake Martin HOBOs and become informed.  You can join us at our board meetings and become engaged.  We will enthusiastically welcome you. 

What does the Future of Lake Martin look like?  The Lake will continue to change.  How it changes is up to all of us.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Harry Denere
President, Lake Martin HOBO's



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Dadeville, AL  36853

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