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Lake Martin HOBO's Committees

Annual Breakfast Meeting (Leader: Harry DeNegre, Members: Wallace Jones, Jerry Purcell, Betsy Keown, Ron Grey)

Committee responsibilities: Establish Date and Location of Annual Breakfast meeting, set meeting agenda, establish two guest speakers, set food menu, and arrange for preparation of food, arrange for volunteers to serve food, arrange for set up and cleanup of facilities, arrange for IT presentations, arrange for supplies, arrange for notices to membership and advertising.

Memberships and Business Sponsorship (Leader: Judy Heinzen, Members: Mitzy Hidding, Jerry Purcell, Brad Copeland, Jamie Sailors, Liz & Fred Bradford)

Study and recommend to the Board, methods to advertise and attract new members and retain old members.  Put out correspondence and emails to members concerning activities of HOBOs to keep them motivated and informed about HOBOs.  Advertise HOBOs in the community.

Yearly Activities (Leader: Billy Haynes, Members: Ann Campbell, Craig Holloway) 

Create list of current yearly activities of HOBOs, recommend new yearly activities to board, arrange for activities with outside organizations, motivate members to get involved in activities, advertise yearly activities to community, create list of new activities and review old activities to drive membership and interest in HOBO association.

Merchandise (Leader: Jim Robinson: Members: Mitzy Hidding, Claire Kuhn, Melinda Frantz-Risher)

Maintain current inventory of HOBO merchandise, procure new merchandise as inventory depletes, select new merchandise as required, advise board on selection of new merchandise.

Board Member Nomination (Leader: Dave Heinzen) 

Develop a list of potential new board members from membership and community for nomination and election to our board at our annual breakfast.  Involve current board and membership in developing list.

Advocacy Committee - Leader:  Wallace Jones, Chris Searcy, Ann Campbell, Betsy Keown Harry DeNegre, Dave Maddox)

Work on the concerns that were voiced to Alabama Power at the July 18, Shoreline Management Plan public meeting.

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